What is Customer Experience Management Software?

Customer experience management software (CEM) assists a company to track and organize all interactions with their clients throughout the customer lifecycle. The solution helps to optimize client interactions and build their loyalty. To manage the customer experience, companies need to devise strategies that encompass all customer interactions.

CEM software offers businesses an all-round view of customers with integrated, up-to-date data on their accounts and profiles. Customer experiences include interactions through conventional channels such as live chat, phone calls, and website purchases as well as text and social media. The emergence of new communication channels and touch points has made CEM a complex process.

CEM software apps integrate with other widely used business systems such as inventory management, ERP, and financials so that customer data is not stored in silos. For this reason, top CEM software vendors are attempting to close the gaps between communication channels and make it simpler to integrate separate databases.

Most Popular Customer Experience Management Software

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How To Choose The Best Customer Experience Management Software

Customer experience management (CEM) software is an invaluable tool that companies can utilize to build profitable long-term relationships with their customers. However, how do you select the best customer experience management software solution given the plethora of apps out there? To help you, we give you this guide which details the features and elements you should look for.

Get to know each product with free trial

We advise you to start your search for the best customer experience management software by trying out the features of leading apps. You can do this by registering for the free trials of these systems. Visit the websites of these popular CEM software solutions to find out if there is a free trial you can use: QubitQualtricsMindTouchSatmetrix, and Clarabridge.

Targeted Businesses

  • Startups, small businesses, and medium-sized companies can use CEM software to get actionable insights from customer data.
  • Large enterprises and multi-level organizations can also utilize this type of solution to build customer loyalty.

What are Examples of Customer Experience Management Software?

  • Qubit: Qubit provides a blank canvas for companies to deliver their big ideas. They can win and retain their best customers through persuasive personalization.
  • Qualtrics: Qualtrics enables you to capture customer, product, brand, and employee experience insights in one place. Plus, you can track, respond to, and improve every interaction along the customer journey.
  • MindTouch: A cloud software that offers self-service customer experiences. It helps to increase web traffic, build customer success, and enhance engagement with your brand.
  • Satmetrix: This app combines technology, data, and expertise to deliver CEM success. Companies can use it to measure, manage, and enhance performance and customer retention.
  • Clarabridge: This software is used by hundreds of top brands to understand and improve their customer experience. With this app, you can listen everywhere, analyze everything, and engage everyone.

Types of Customer Experience Management Software

CEM software can be placed into the following categories based on their approach to improving the customer experience:

  • A/B testing and personalization: Top vendors include Evergage, Qubit, and Oracle Maxymiser
  • In-page web analytics: Leading vendors are IBM Tealeaf and ClickTale
  • Content management: Top providers are MindTouch, Magnolia V5+, and Adobe Experience Manager
  • Help desk/self-service: Leading apps are Zendesk and Oracle Service Cloud
  • Survey and form building: Popular solutions are Satmetrix and Qualtrics

Key Features of Customer Experience Management Software

  • Customer management: You can easily view and track customer details and quickly access info on customer issues. Leading CEM solutions offer a full company and contacts database.
  • Ticket management: This feature offers visibility into all customer tickets and helps you to prevent issues slipping through the cracks. Plus, you get customizable automations and ticket routing as well as conditional custom fields.
  • Products and inventory: Includes an integrated product database for easy tracking. You can see what products/versions customers have as well as associate products with customers and contacts. In addition, you can track customer issues by product and link feature requests and bugs to tickets.
  • Collaboration and teamwork: You can collaborate easily with your team members using internal communication tools and shared calendar with task assignment details.
  • Robust integrations: Seamless integrations with popular business systems eliminate duplication of effort. You can improve collaboration and productivity across teams. Integrate the CEM software with CRM, developer tools, and other business apps. Make use of the API to integrate with internal systems.
  • Customer self-service: Customers can get answers 24/7 by using the Wiki, community forums, and knowledge base.
  • Reporting and analytics: The reporting feature places business intelligence at your fingertips. CEM software offer detailed metrics for real time customer insights.

Benefits of Customer Experience Management Software

  • Minimize customer churn: Your competitors are constantly wooing your customers with better offers and prices. CEM software helps you to understand your customers’ needs and provide a delightful experience that will make them stay with you for a long time.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction: With the CEM software you can make your customers happy and loyal to your brand. They will stick with you even if your competitors offer cheaper prices.
  • Get business referrals and brand evangelists: Research reveals that companies that invest in customer experience get rewarded with higher customer satisfaction and referral rates. Use CEM software to turn your loyal customers into brand evangelists.
  • Create a different customer experience: Create an amazing experience your customers will never forget so that they will keep returning for more. Differentiate your customer service from the humdrum ones offered by most companies.

Latest Trends

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is expected to connect all the products and devices of companies. This will provide advantages such as greater access to data which businesses can use to personalize customer experience. Plus, improved user experiences will benefit customers. The challenge for vendors is to make IoT devices more secure.

Chatbots for self-service

Most customers do not wish to wait for a long time to get answers. To address this issue, companies are using chatbots for communication and to customize the user experience. Chatbots offer a direct communication channel with a company. Plus, they can make logical decisions about customer needs based on their recorded actions. Finally, they can help to save money as they address customer queries at a reduced cost per contact.

Potential Issues

Consistent customer experience

Research shows that customers are not bothered about singular touchpoints but rather give importance to cumulative experiences over multiple channels and touchpoints. Therefore, businesses need to concentrate on the entire customer journey and not just individual experiences. They should empower their marketing, sales, and support teams to collaborate together to offer a unified and consistent customer experience.

Using the right technology

To deliver personalized experiences, you need to use the right technology. Start by being clear about the type of experience you wish to provide. Then, find the technology to make the experience better and more efficient. Small businesses can use basic customer satisfaction software and email marketing solutions. Larger enterprises can explore the advanced suites offered by leading vendors such as SAS, IBM, Adobe, Salesforce, and Oracle.

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